Appel à communication : Congrès sur l'histoire de la construction 2012

Publié le : 16/01/2011

We are pleased to announce that the next International Congress on Construction History will be held in Paris from the 3rd to the 7th of July 2012.

You will find the "Call for Abstracts" and the "List of Topics and Subjects" attached. Additional information is available on the Congress

The Organizing Committee

Robert Carvais, André Guillerme, Valérie Nègre and Joël Sakarovitch

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History of Construction: Object of Study or Discipline?
- Definitions of construction history and/or its components
- Relationships to related disciplines (history of technology, archaeology, geology, ecology, urbanism, landscape)
- Sources: buildings, archives and documents
- Methods of research, analysis and evaluation; communications tools
- Teaching, pedagogy with regard to engineers and architects
Theoretical Thought and Applied Sciences
- Ideas, design, competitions
- Applied Sciences: engineering, natural disasters and fire, interior environment (heating,
ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, acoustics), hydraulics, structural morphology,
- Scientific and technical controversies
- Function, feasibility, sustainability
- Model, modeling, analytical methods
- Invention, innovation
- Constitution, diffusion and transfer of knowledge
- Models, drawings
- Relations between science and practice
- The technical publication: technical writing and drawings
- Experimentation, control, quality
Constructive techniques and materials
- Techniques and applied arts: Stereotomy, carpentry, masonry, engineering (civil, military,
maritime), technology, cladding, decoration
- Heritage: expertise, preservation, restoration, rehabilitation
- Constructive elements: foundations and floors, walls, bays, elements of support and
stability, spanning (lintel, arc, vault, ceiling), frame, roofing, staircase
- Constructive process: prefabrication, standardization, technical gestures, disorderliness
and faulty workmanship, reuse
- Materials: earth, wood, metal, stone, concrete, glass, fabric, composite materials, binders
- Tools, instruments, apparatuses, machines, heavy equipment
- Places of practice: workshops, lodges, construction sites
- Infrastructure and public works: bridges, dams, roadways and diverse networks
Social and cultural perspectives
- Law: estimates and contracts, legislation, regulations, codes, technical norms and trade
practices, customs, expertise, control, patents, ownership, leasing, easements,
neighborliness, responsibility, architect, client
- Economy: history of companies, construction trades, economic analyses of construction,
accounts, prices, cost, wages, financing, production, quantity surveying, estimating, risk,