En espagnol : l'héritage documentaire de l'industrie espagnole

Publié le : 05/01/2011

En espagnol : l'héritage documentaire de l'industrie espagnole dans la revue "Areas" éditée par l'université de Murcie : numéro 29 consacré au patrimoine industriel... Le document est accessible par l'adresse web : http://www.fhvl.es/fhvl/content.asp?ContentId=705

The International Review of Social Sciences "Areas" edited by University of Murcia (Spain) number 29 is dedicated to the Industrial Heritage. This number includes the article "The Documentary Heritage of the Spanish Industries" (in spanish language)  The aim of this paper is to plan the relation between the archives and the companies, the historical origin of the records management in the companies and the main dangers that lead to the destruction of the documentary legacy of the industry. Steadies itself the value of the business archives as industrial heritage and the need of his protection. Finally there are enumerated the characteristics of the business archives that nowadays exist and the guidelines offer for the production of national plans of safeguard of the documentary heritage of the companies.

For all those interested, this article is available on the website http://www.fhvl.es/fhvl/content.asp?ContentId=705

José Andrés González Pedraza - Hullera Vasco-Leonesa Archives (Leon, Spain)

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